Creating Your Own Practice Routine

In this 10 week course, we'll learn the art of how to practice. I'll show students how to structure their practice routine so they can better achieve their musical goals. We will study the science of learning. I'll also offer custom guitar exercises. These exercises will be organized by goal. For example: singer-songwriters may want to focus on a chord progression warmup, where as a lead guitarist may choose to focus on a scale intensive warmup. Each student will receive all PDFs and all exercises, and it's up to them to decide what to include in their routine, and which exercises will not serve them. Each student's routine will look different and we will spend time at the end of each class discussing our routines, our successes, and what hasn't been serving us. It's empowering to have these discussions amongst our peers. Highly focused on encouraging the student to write down their own goals. This will inform the student how to build their practice routine. Empowered musician understand where they're going, and by the end of this course, you will be a more self-sufficient musician.

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Lindy Day
On TIL since 2023
I’m a touring female lead guitarist and studio musician. During the pandemic I taught full time, but before the pandemic I toured in tribute bands, and performed classical guitar. I’ve composed music for IMAX, NHL, and Gears 5. I currently teach 60 second guitar lessons on social media.
What you'll do
I Know All These Random Unconnected Skills. Now What?
Write down your goals. Discuss how to structure your skill sets. Learning what order to organize your skill sets will be paramount to avoid burnout and frustration. There is time to learn everything, but pace yourself. Let's streamline your learning process, so you can accomplish your goals in a faster way. (Featuring Week 1 of Lindy’s technical warmup PDF)
4 Different Types of Learners
There's 4 (depending on what school you learned this from, maybe 5) different types of learners: Visual, analytical, auditory and kinesthetic. Let's review what each of these learners look like within guitar players. This will help you choose apps, youtube videos and exercises to compliment your learning style. (Featuring week 2 of Lindy’s technical warmup PDF)
Do I Study Music Theory or Technical Skills?
This is a popular question. The answer is different for each student and we’ll talk about which conditions will be good for studying music theory, and which conditions are good for studying technical skills. I’ve seen these trends in my private students, and there’s a method to the order of learning. (Featuring week 3 of Lindy’s technical warmup PDF)
Your Routine Won’t Stay the Same
At this point I usually ask students to keep a practice journal. We’ll talk about why this is important and how past exercises can inform your choice for future routines. Your routines will change over time, this is very normal and there’s a structured way to flow through your routine changes. (Featuring week 4 of Lindy’s technical warmup PDF)
Share Your Routine
Let’s share your successes, share what hasn’t worked, or any other practice related topics on your mind. We wrote down our goals in lesson 1 and I’d like to revisit those goals with you. Topic of the week is “stay the course”, and for many students at this point things may begin to feel mundane. This is normal! (Featuring week 5 of Lindy’s technical warmup PDF)
Writing Your Own Warmups
This is a skill I like to encourage my students to explore. Intentionally write passages, or give yourself challenges that correlate with what you’re working on. In order to do this you must know two humble things; Where am I weak? Am I able to step out of my comfort zone? (featuring week 6 of Lindy’s technical warmups)
Trade Warmups with Another Student
We’ve been looking inward and examining our own goals for quite some time. Let’s look outward and see what other students are working on. Those exercises you wrote for yourself last week? I’d like you to post them and trade with another student. (Featuring week 7 of Lindy’s technical warmups)
Review Your Main Goal
It’s normal for students to change or edit the goal they wrote down in week 1. I’m constantly flirting between my two beefy goals: technical guitar skills and composing. Creatives thrive on fluctuation, so let’s intentionally add some new directions. Let’s explore other challenges, while balancing your original practice routine. Balance is key. (Featuring week 8 of Lindy’s technical warmups)
Planning Your Next Two Months
You should have a grasp on your creative process. Everyone’s process will look slightly different. Are you confident enough to look towards your next two months and understand what your creativity needs to thrive? Let’s put pen on paper and write out your short-term future goals. (featuring week 9 of Lindy’s technical warmups)
Sharing Our Music
Thank you for taking this journey with us! Please feel free to share your music, your social channels, or any other way to stay in touch. We will pass the mic around and check in with each other. I hope this helps you become a more self-sufficient musician. (Yes, we’re featuring week 10 of Lindy’s technical warmups. Didn’t think you’d get off for free, did you?)
Who you are
This class is targeted at students who are struggling with organizing their practice routine, or students who feel like they're hit a plateau and don't know where to go next. This usually falls with intermediate students, but can also appear with other skill levels as well. We will read tabs and chord charts in the warmups each week. Students will find a range of beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises in these warmups, and it's up to the student to choose which exercises to incorporate into their practice. We will talk about music theory, but I will describe it in a welcoming way to all skill levels.
What to bring
Bring your guitar. By week four I will ask students to get a practice journal or an app (there are tons of free ones).
Starts Tuesday 
March 28


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