Zero To Hero

This class is for beginner and intermediate guitarists who want to become limitless on the fretboard and speak the language of music fluently on the guitar. This course will take guitar players who have a basic knowledge of chords/scales/songs, and transform them into competent musicians who can find all the notes on the guitar, identify riffs by ear, visualize where they are played on the fretboard, and improvise in any key. The goal of this course is to give you complete freedom on the fretboard and turn you into a REAL musician. Diagrams, tabs, and resources will be provided.

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Caitlin Caggiano
On TIL since 2023
I’m Caitlin, and I have been teaching guitar for 15+ years. I also have over a decade of experience in live performance, touring, and session work. My classical training and theory background allows me to give my students a proper foundation no matter what style they play.
What you'll do
Fretboard Mapping
Everything we play has notes, and it’s important to visualize where those notes are on the fretboard. Fretboard mapping will allow you to hear a song by ear and find it on the fretboard.
Basic Theory
Music is a language and it's vital to understand this language in order to comprehend what we are playing and communicate with other musicians. Basic music theory will allow you to communicate effectively as musicians.
CAGED System
The CAGED System is a tool to help apply music theory to the guitar fretboard. Everything you learn on the guitar (such as triads, chords, scales, modes, etc.) can be broken down into 5 simple shapes with the CAGED System.
Major Pentatonic Scale
The Major Pentatonic Scale is a fundamental scale for guitarists. With only 5 notes, this simple scale is perfect to start outlining the fretboard.
Major Scale
The Major Scale is the foundation for everything in music. Understanding the major scale will allow you to become limitless in any key for both rhythm and lead playing.
When building chords and different voicings, it is important to have a solid understanding of triads. Triads also help when improvising because the notes of the triad fit well over the triad/chord being played.
Minor Pentatonic Scale
The Minor Pentatonic Scale is a great way to introduce our ear to improvising in a minor key.
Despite the fact that most guitar players find modes intimidating, they are actually quite simple. In this class we will look at modes "diatonically" - related to a key's major scale.
Learning scales is great! But it is also important to learn how to use these scales creatively. This is where improvisation comes into play.
Who you are
This course is recommend for guitarists who have a knowledge of open chords and simple songs/melodies and are ready to take their skillset to the next level.
What to bring
Your guitar.
Started Friday 
May 19