Solo Guitar Arranging

Group guitar class taught by Arianna Powell

1 hour per week · intermediate

The guitar contains an infinite number of possibilities when harmonizing a melody where to begin? In this live course, I'll teach you a few of my arrangements and we will analyze the chord choices, colors, lines, reharmonizations and approach to space and time. You'll leave with inspiring material to help you compose your own unique arrangements! I strongly believe the best way to learn is by DOING. New information (chords, lines, theory, etc..) "sticks" when you learn it in the context of actual music. During class, we will occasionally cover exercises/concepts, but will always follow up by playing them in an arrangement.

What's included

Video chat lessons

Learn and ask questions with Arianna Powell every week.

Lesson replays

Unlimited access to recordings from class.

Private community

Practice with people who share your love of guitar.

Taught by Arianna Powell
Teaching on Til since 2022

4.93 · 138 students · 75 lessons

I’m a touring and session guitarist who has most notably played with Olivia Rodrigo, Halsey, Dua Lipa, Black Eyed Peas, American Idol, Nick Jonas and more. Although a sidewoman by trade, I’m passionate about solo guitar playing and a lover of all genres from folk to jazz, indie to R&B.
What you'll do

The Puzzle

Learn to piece together melody and chords on guitar. Create basic working arrangements of songs.

Color Tones, Extensions, and Alterations

Explore loads of possibilities to make chords more colorful. Expand chord vocabulary and understand harmonic theory.


Change existing harmony into something deeper using substitutions, secondary dominant chords, passing chords, quartal harmony, and more.

Bass Lines

Add bass lines using scales, arpeggios and chord inversions while paying mind to voice leading.

Space and Time

Play with proper feel and time. Note when to leave space and when to add ear-catching lines.

Who you are
The course has something for everyone, but you will need to at least know the note names of the frets on the low E and A strings, have the ability to play barre chords, and have some knowledge of chord function. I tailor every live lesson to the abilities of the students - adding information for advanced players, and simplifying ideas for others.
What to bring
Guitar and Amp (if electric).
5.0 (22 reviews)
June 2023

Arianna is a tasteful, thoughtful, skillful and challenging instructor. While she creates space for various levels of players in her sessions, everyone finishes with more than they arrived. I'm a fan.

Derek / Cloudchord
June 2023

Amazing class. As an advanced player I learned so much. Very inspiring.

June 2023

Arianna is a top-notch teacher. She provides excellent on-topic materials, facilitates in-depth questioning and discussion, encourages feedback from the group and is accommodating to all playing levels. Although Arianna is accommodating to all playing levels, if you are an upper -intermediate or advanced player the opportunity to be challenged is ever-present. If you engage with the material as she prescribes, you will grow a tremendous amount. Arianna walks you through the materials in detail and shares her perspective on whatever arrangement/topic she is teaching on. She also loves it when her students engage. She wants to see you play and work through the material. The class itself provides a comfortable and respectful atmosphere. For me, Arianna and the rest of the class were very supportive and positive towards each other. It’s an atmosphere that supports learning and improvement for the entire class.

June 2023

very engaging had great involvement in listening to students, making adjustments on the fly. I will have to say most of the issues were mine as the skill level was above my understanding, she posted the information timely so we could start practicing and ask questions, would take it again after i improve my understanding.

June 2023

Fantastic teacher, really recommend this course, there's a lot to learn, and Arianna's explanations are very clear.

Casey Miller
June 2023

So so good. Arianna is a gifted teacher and a remarkable artist. I learned more than I thought I could.

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