Pop Guitar 101

Learn the basics of guitar playing through the lens of recent top 40 hits. Learn basic technique, chords and melodies with songs from Olivia Rodrigo, Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift and more.

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Arianna Powell
On TIL since 2022
I’m a touring and session guitarist who has most notably played with Olivia Rodrigo, Halsey, Dua Lipa, Black Eyed Peas, American Idol, Nick Jonas and more. Although a sidewoman by trade, I’m passionate about solo guitar playing and a lover of all genres from folk to jazz, indie to R&B.
What you'll do
Hold, pick, strum and play the instrument correctly with good tone.
Learn open, power and barre chords - the building blocks to your favorite songs. Play them with records or sing along!
Learn scales, riffs and melodies found in pop songs.
Learn practical music theory: the musical alphabet, key signatures, fretboard note names and more.
Learn to play in time and with various strum patterns.
Sounds and Tone
Learn the basics about common guitar sounds and how to achieve them.
Who you are
This course is for all beginners. The material will be great for those who want to learn to play for fun or for producers who are just picking up a guitar and need to learn the basics. Great for all ages.
What to bring
A guitar, a pick, and an amp if playing electric.
Started Wednesday 
November 9


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