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Electronic Music Production

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The Best of Taylor Swift

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Mixing for Beginners


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that was so much fun, I made a really awesome amnt of cash for the amnt of work 🤯, there's just something about that live energy, can't believe I get paid to share what I love 😎, most lucrative hour in a while lol, game changer 🏆

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You set the topic and time for classes. Join live video calls each week and share your unique expertise. Need to skip a week? No problem.

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Til is where your passion can become a way to earn money, where fans sign up to learn and create with you. We even guarantee minimum earnings.

Build a community of superfans

On Til your fans can interact with you directly, build a community around your creativity, and form bonds that go beyond class.

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Once you're accepted to teach, it only takes a few minutes to setup a class. We take care of the rest — video chat, recordings, scheduling and payments, community tools, and customer support — all integrated seamlessly with a simple interface.

We handle the admin, billing, and tech so you can focus on your creativity.


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Marketing isn't all on your shoulders. You'll tell your fans about your new live classes, and we'll promote it to our growing network of musicians.


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Turn on your camera and join a live video call where you teach fans, answer questions, share tips, and have fun! We record every class so you can earn money from people who can't make it live. Have a sample pack to share? Post it in your dedicated class community!

Cash out right after the call ends, and smile-next week's class is less than 7 days away.

In the studio
together, a million miles apart.

Low-latency video and audio feels like you're in the same room. Stereo sound, 256kbs audio streaming, and optimized processing help even the deepest bass sound great. Share your screen to show a production session, give tips to a student learning new chords, and vibe with passionate people hanging out together from all over the world.

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