Level Up: Jazz & Contemporary Guitar
5.0 (4)

I’m excited to take you through my course to ‘Level Up’ you're playing. In 8 weeks we will focus on understanding the fundamentals of theory that apply to Beginner + Intermediate Jazz & Contemporary Music. You’ll also leave the class retaining my own arrangements from YouTube & Instagram. I want to help you improve, keep motivated, learn theory and be the modern player you want to be…without feeling overwhelmed. I’m looking forward to spending time ‘Levelling Up’ your playing & mentoring you.

What's included

Live online classes

Learn and ask questions with Tash Wolf every Wednesday.

Watch what you miss

Unlimited access to recordings of class.

Join a community

Practice with people who share your passion.

Tash Wolf
On TIL since 2023
Hi I’m Tash, I’m a musician known for my Guitar arrangements and soloing on YouTube & Instagram. I recently completed a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance. I’m looking forward to connecting with Guitarists passionate about learning.
What you'll do
Theory, Fretboard Knowledge & Guide Tones
Having fundamental understanding of theory to apply to the guitar can help you develop & make new arrangement choices.
Chords, Scales & Intervals
Make decisions to colour your arrangements by understanding diatonic harmony and the chords + scales available.
Learn My Arrangements
Learn 3-4 of my cover arrangements to understand how to inspire your own creativity (provided Music notation/Tabs).
Plan & Structure Your Own Arrangements
Let's plan and structure your arrangement with the techniques we learn to create unique arrangements of Popular Jazz & Contemporary songs. Learn to create intuitively.
Who you are
Beginner to Intermediate players who can play bar chords and simple melodies. Looking to expand their skills in theory and making their own arrangements.
What to bring
Guitar - Electric or Acoustic, Amp or Amp simulation, Headphones and a Guitar Lead.
5.0 (4 reviews)
Bruce Hart
May 2023

I've already learned so much my brain hurts! I feel jazzier already. Tash is great at working with players of different skill levels. She has given me some simpler things to work on since I'm a beginner. She offers insights into her arrangements and ways to "put your own spin" on them. She has obviously put a lot of effort into the course materials including putting the note names on the notes and offering fingering suggestions. I've taken several of the TIL classes and they are such a great way to learn.

Wednesdays at 1:00 AM