Blues & Rock Guitar Improvisation

Come practice with me as I teach you the secrets for good blues and rock improvisation, the fundamental scales, the techniques, the right approach, and I'll answer all your questions. I'll teach you how to study the songs you like with the purpose to understand them and not just imitate them, so you can really become a better guitarist. Finally, these classes will give you the basic process to develop your personal style!

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Federico Sanzini
On TIL since 2022
Hi, I’m Federico; an Italian guy in love with guitar from birth! I started playng when I was 12, at 17 I get a private degree in modern music, at 18 I played on stage with many bands of my country. Now I’m 29 and I play blues/rock with my trio and teach guitar in Rome.
What you'll do
The Pentatonic Scale
What it is and how to “see it” and use it all along the fretboard.
Major and Minor Scales
I will explain the difference between this scales to make easy to understand the base of music theory.
How to Build a Lick
I will show you some licks and help you to create others and use it with a backing track.
How to Practice
Talent without work is nothing, so we need a practice routine to improve our style.
The Techniques
A good guitarist have to know how to make good bendings, hammer-on, pull off etc. I show to you some details that can help you grow fast.
Who you are
You should know just major and minor chords and the main pentatonic pattern, I will open your mind starting from this point!
What to bring
You just need your guitar and an open mind 😉

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