Music Production & Mixing for Beginners

Group guitar class taught by Jude Smith

1 hour per week · beginner

I'm gonna show you the basics of music production and mixing: How to EQ, how to use compression, how to tastefully use modulated effects such as delay and reverb, as well as showing you recording techniques and some plugins that I love to use from my own professional sessions I've produced! In this 8 week course, we'll cover the fundamentals of audio production that will help you conquer the initial learning curve of documenting your own song ideas.

What's included

Video chat lessons

Learn and ask questions with Jude Smith every Wednesday.

Lesson replays

Unlimited access to recordings from class.

Private community

Practice with people who share your love of guitar.

Taught by Jude Smith
Teaching on Til since 2022

5.00 · 116 students · 53 lessons

Yo! Jude Here! I love music... let's make some!
What you'll do

How to EQ

How to understand the different sections of the audio spectrum, and where typically sounds best to boost / cut for common instruments.

How to use Compression

Compression to me is the single most important tool of an audio producer. I'll break down this commonly-misunderstood tool and show you different styles of compressors to help make this procedure second nature.

Multiband Limiters

"Multiband Limiters? sounds scary...." Not really! This is an amazing tool for taming misbehaving frequencies that don't necessarily need to be permanently scooped out with an EQ.... you'll be surprised how much you'll use this guy after I show you!

Recording Vocal & Acoustic Guitar

We'll cover this common procedure and I'll show you some tips, tricks and mics I use to capture it the right way!

Q&A Moments

We'll have plenty of moments throughout the 8 weeks to get into questions you may have about audio production, or difficulties you need help navigating through!


Automation is an absolute must for creating dynamic changes within each track in the mix - we'll spend plenty of time on this process and I'll show you creative ways to create impact and motion within your song!

Reverb & Delay

Reverb and Delay are absolute necessities for creating depth and space perception in your mix; Without it, your mixes can feel flat and boring. I'll show you how to use these modulated effects (as well as others) to help expand the height and depth of your mixes!

Plus much more!

I'm excited to let you guys determine the direction for a portion of these classes! Please leave me a comment on the class discussion page detailing some things you'd specifically like us to focus on!

Who you are
This class is for beginners who need an elementary introduction on these concepts - intermediate level audio producers will still glean quite a bit from this course however, as I will aim to take you from beginner to confident home-pro!
What to bring
Laptop with DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of your choice. I will be using Logic Pro X on my Mac. I'd prefer if you're not attached to another application yet that you learn on Logic so you don't have to worry about translating this knowledge into another DAW - but you are welcome to do that if you would prefer to not use Logic - you will still be able to apply these concepts elsewhere!
5.0 (23 reviews)
Branson M.
March 2023

This Class is awesome! Jude is an amazing teacher!

Will O’Brien
March 2023

Serious AH-HA moments tonight!

Goncalo Mendes
December 2022

Life changing class for anyone starting or intermediate level of mixing, as well as some production/arragement stuff. Jude is incredibly versatile, and we've looked at tracking and mixing so many different instruments and sounds! I came out with so much more knowledge and things to guide me in my projects! Heavily recommend!

Gary Di
December 2022

Jude is the best! His knowledge and approach to music production is refreshing and inspiring. He's patient, thorough and always makes sure everyone is grasping the concepts he's teaching. Throughout the class he's constantly sharing helpful tips and tricks and gives his honest thoughts on topics like equipment, plugins, workflow, and songwriting. I started this class with limited knowledge of music production but now that it's over, I have gained the confidence I need to record and produce my own songs using Jude's methods! If you are able to jump into one of his classes, you will have a blast!

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