Get in the Groove!

Group guitar class taught by Joey Weidner

1 hour per week · intermediate

Join me every week for an interactive groove session, and take your playing to the next level. There’s no shortcut to learning an instrument. Like everything in life, you must put in the hard hours in order to see results. It can be frustrating, and more often than not, after a certain point the guitar ends up gathering dust in the corner. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone anymore. We live in the age of sharing our experiences with the world, and it’s never been easier to find others who share your passion. One of the coolest things I’ve done in recent times is developing this international community of like-minded guitarists. We tune in from all over the world with the same goals in mind; To improve our abilities on the guitar, to deepen our understanding of music, and most importantly, to have fun and enjoy the process. There’s a million free guitar lessons on YouTube... why bother with live lessons? The answer is simple. These are interactive lessons, during which you can ask questions, share your thoughts, and help to guide the class towards the core of your own unique struggles on the instrument. - You are holding yourself accountable to at least 1 hour of practice per week - You are learning with like-minded people who share your passion and goals - You are making a solid commitment to yourself to take your playing to the next level

What's included

Video chat lessons

Learn and ask questions with Joey Weidner every week.

Lesson replays

Unlimited access to recordings from class.

Private community

Practice with people who share your love of guitar.

Taught by Joey Weidner
Teaching on Til since 2021

4.95 · 53 students · 33 lessons

Yo! I'm a Guitarist, Songwriter and Educator based in West Cork, Ireland. My passion for Blues, Soul and Rock guitar has led me to teach private students all over the world. I'm very excited to finally offer you live group classes. Let's learn together as a community!
What you'll do

Find your Flow

Have you always wanted to groove like John Mayer or Jimi Hendrix, but can’t seem to bridge the gaps in your abilities? Many of my students have the same struggles. They can’t seem to break out of the 'box’. They would do anything to be able to be more fluid on the guitar. That’s where I come in! I will show you how to take what you already know, and fine-tune it into your own unique voice.


The main focus of this class is to play as much guitar as possible. We will work on our time feel and phrasing, and discuss different approaches to rhythm/lead We will: Use a loop pedal to explore cool chord progressions, licks and solos | Use backing tracks to explore different approaches/feels | Study our favourite guitarists' styles and techniques | Learn some of our favourite songs

Triads and the CAGED system

Learn about the best ways to visualise the guitar | How to break the fretboard down into smaller, more manageable chunks | How to link triads, chords, and scales together across the neck | Understanding the relationship between notes, triads, and chord shapes | How to utilise triads and the CAGED system in your blues playing

Rhythm & Lead

The relationship between rhythm and lead guitar, and how to bridge the gap between them | Linking chords together with licks and riffs | Tasty ways to embellish your chords | Developing phrasing and 'feel' | Using chord tones to enhance your lead playing | Mixing major and minor tonalities

You decide!

This class will be guided by student feedback. Want to learn more about open tunings? Or perhaps we could discuss tone, signal chain, and amp settings? Just let me know what you'd like me to discuss!

Who you are
This is mainly an intermediate class. We won't be doing anything too crazy, but it might be challenging if you're a beginner. Prerequisites would be: - You know your 5 root position chord shapes (C A G E D) - You have some basic knowledge of the pentatonic scale - You have some basic knowledge of the notes on the fretboard
What to bring
Your guitar! Electric or Acoustic, it doesn't really matter. A Loop pedal would also be great for your personal practice, but it's not a necessity.
5.0 (11 reviews)
Jeff D.
February 2022

Great lessons, very inspiring

Tom G.
February 2022

Joey has built a masterful class and shows how to go from guitar fundamentals to actually making music. Having the recorded classes are invaluable, as I was unable to attend the live classes. I was able to watch the recording on my own time and practice the concepts presented. Highly Recommend!!

Magdalena S.
February 2022

Joey is a fantastic musician and a great teacher. He teaches you everything you need to know in order to get better. My practice is now completely different after the course. And Joey shows you how to find your own voice on the guitar. He is the best.

Chris C.
February 2022

Really enjoyed Joey’s class. It was a step above beginner, but not so advanced that it was hard to keep up. A few things I knew, and a few “lightbulb” moments that will change how I practice. It was very neat to join Joey and a few people from all over the world virtually for these classes. I especially appreciated that the class formed a mini community quickly and encouraged each other to share their own practice of the concepts from class.

Catarina R.
February 2022

Joey explains everything in a very easy and simple way, I really enjoyed the mini course, improvisation with triads was my weak point, but at this point they improved. Thank you so much Joey!

Tim V.
December 2021

Very useful material, advanced enough to help me progress but presented in a way that is easy to understand. Having the recorded lessons is great and I found I was re watching and learning the material in detail.

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