How To Sing Better for Beginners!
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Discover your voice in ways you never thought you could! Learn how to add more color into your tone of voice. Learn how to control your voice better so that you can follow your dreams to be a better singer than you already are! Eventually, you will start creating your own songs and be your own artist.

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Zane Rima
On TIL since 2022
Hi! I am Zane Rima. I am a Singer/Songwriter/YouTuber and want to teach YOU how to sing better! With proper guidance I believe we can help each other out in discovering more about our vocal capabilities! I'm excited to work with you.
What you'll do
Vocal Foundation: Vocal Care Routine + Ear Training + Breathing Exercises
Having a healthy and strong voice is my #1 priority. Example: You can't play a guitar with old rusty strings! It won't sound like its TRUE potential. Ear training is a MUST. You sync your ears with your voice so that you can sing on-key and avoid falling flat or singing too sharp.
Tone: How To Improve The Sound of Your Voice!
One of my most popular videos is "How To Sing With Your NATURAL VOICE!" and I believe it is because of how it's important to sing with a proper placement of your voice. It's easy to manipulate and change the way we sound to sound like another singer. Doing that, we lose our vocal identity.
Range: How To Increase Your Vocal Range!
Take your voice to the next level by increasing the range in what you can sing! Each week, learn ways to increase your range overtime. This will give you more options of songs to sing! (We will do this in a safe & healthy way to avoid vocal damage)
Flexibility: How To Sing with Vibrato or Riffs & Runs!
Vocal flexibility is a way for you to show your control over your voice! When someone is very flexible with their voice, they can move it fast or slow. They are able to sing more freely. This is the cherry on top of your amazing tone, and increasing range.
Who you are
Beginners and any age is welcome!
What to bring
Have a Microphone set & ready! Have water or warm tea with you. Have a notepad!
5.0 (1 reviews)
Chiara Nielsen
February 2022

Zane is a very talented and joyful soul, with so much patience for the students. The atmosphere is so comforting, so even when you are a beginner and it can be daring to sing, you feel empowered by her, to just go for it. I have learned so much already and if she is doing more classes I would love to join again. It was so much fun and I miss it:)

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