Neo Soul Acoustic Guitar

Learn R&B and Neo-Soul on acoustic guitar! We'll cover chord positions, embellishments, chord extensions, fingerpicking patterns, percussions, chord progressions and more. We'll unlock the fretboard to make sure you understand the music theory behind each and every chord progression and song you'll play (keys and chord number analysis). Join me in this weekly class and 9/11/13 chords, R&B feel and hammer-ons will become your bread and butter!

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The Bearded Guitarist
On TIL since 2022
Hey! This is Simone, you may have seen me on YouTube and Instagram as The Bearded Guitarist. I’m a guitarist, producer and content creator based in London, UK. I’ve been teaching guitar for over a decade and I love making guitar and music theory accessible to everyone.
What you'll do
Great R&B Neo-Soul Chord Progressions
Chord progressions, chord positions with alternative shapes for each chords, roots on the 6th, 5th and 4th string. We'll discuss fingerings, voicings and more.
Music Theory
Understand the music theory behind these chord progressions, including keys, chord numbers and harmonic analysis. We'll cover subjects such as secondary dominants, modal interchange and diminished 7th chords.
7th Chords and 9/11/13 Extensions
Learn how to use 9/11/13 chords all over the fretboard to add colours and flavours to spice up your 7th chords.
Learn fingerpicking techniques like arpeggios, plucking and percussions.
Learn how to add hammer-ons/pull-offs and other embellishments including slides and melodies between chords.
Who you are
Early intermediate players are the perfect fit for the class. However, if you're a beginner familiar with bar chords and some 7th chords you will be able to follow the lessons as well. If you're a more experienced player willing to review the music theory behind chord progressions and maybe approach the R&B Neo-Soul vibe on acoustic guitar, this class could be excellent!
What to bring
An acoustic guitar would be ideal, but nylon strings or electric guitars will work too. Make sure to tune the guitar before the class and be prepared to take notes!

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