Introduction to Blues Guitar

Group guitar class taught by Seth Rosenbloom

1 hour per week · intermediate


We'll break down the chords, progressions, scales and licks you'll need to start playing great blues guitar. We'll also look at vibrato, bending and other ways of expressing yourself fully along with relating it all back to some of our favorite guitar heroes!

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Taught by Seth Rosenbloom
Teaching on Til since 2022

1 students · 8 lessons

I'm a blues guitarist based in Western MA. Ever since starting out at the age of 4 on the violin, music has been a huge part of my life. I love the honesty and the range of emotions that can be conveyed with the blues.
What you'll do

Basic Blues Rhythm Guitar

We'll start off by diving into the most important chord progression in blues - the 12 bar blues. Using open chords and then some barre chords, I'll teach the basic progression as well as common variations to it. I will also introduce dominant 7 chords and how to apply them in blues.

Blues Soloing 101: Minor Pentatonic

The foundation of any great blues solo - the minor pentatonic. I'll teach you the scale and also how to apply it to the 12 bar blues.

Bending & Vibrato

My favorite topic to teach! We'll take a look at the fundamentals for good vibrato and bending technique and how to apply both techniques in a blues setting.

Foundational Blues Licks

I'll teach you some of my favorite blues licks that will work great in many different situations and I'll also teach you my process for how to figure out licks by your favorite guitar players and use them in your solos.

Chord Voicings and Chord Tones

We'll look at the intersection of rhythm and lead playing - some great sounding chord voicings for your dominant 7 chords as well as beginning to use those same notes to more clearly follow the chords during your solos.

Moving the Pentatonic

I'll teach you how to play the pentatonic all up and down the neck, and in turn, more freely be able to solo in different positions.

My Biggest Influences

I'll show you some of what I've learned from my biggest influences as it relates to licks, vibrato, bends and more. SRV, BB King, Albert King, Albert Collins and more...

Building a Solo

To tie everything together, I'll teach you how to build a solo using dynamics, motifs and call and response. Basically - how to put everything we've worked on together!

Who you are
Knowledge of basic open chords as well as barre chords recommended. Major scale and chord construction knowledge will make things a bit clearer - but will give a general refresher on both of those. We'll start from scratch with the minor pentatonic - so even though you might be familiar with it already, it's not a necessity!
What to bring
Guitar (+amplifier if electric) Notebook + pencil or pen

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