Blues Guitar Improvisation

Group guitar class taught by Quist

8 lessons · 1 hour per week · intermediate

In this class you will learn everything you need to know to take your Blues guitar improvisation skills to the next level. You will learn scales, licks, a little music theory & some fun playing exercises - but most importantly you will learn how to build your actual PLAYING VOCABULARY as a guitar player, enabling you to better express yourself on the guitar and have way more fun jamming!

What's included

Video chat lessons

Learn and ask questions with Quist every Wednesday.

Lesson replays

Unlimited access to recordings from class.

Private community

Practice with people who share your love of guitar.

Taught by Quist
Teaching on Til since 2021

4.92 · 134 students · 31 lessons

Quist has spent the past decade performing all over the world, while simultaneously building his online "jam fam". Quist's jam tracks and improvisations have garnered 160 million views on youtube and helped build an inspiring community of musicians who share his passion for improvisation!
What you'll do


Scales are an invaluable tool for any improviser - and knowing just a few of them really well can go a long way.


Every guitar player loves a good lick - and licks can really help you break into more "meaningful" soloing. Practised with intent, licks represent a brilliant way to form your own language as a musician.

Music Theory

A basic understand of music theory can really free you up as a player. Sometimes a simple shift of perspective can take you from "not feeling it" to having the most fun and playing your best solo yet!


We will learn a number of exercises that build your ability to improvise - and to play more meaningful, coherent and melodic solos.

How to Practice

Practice tips and tricks - to help you build an inspiring playing vocabulary that not only will serve you in a multitude of jam scenarios, but also will make it TONS more fun playing that guitar!

Case Studies

For our case studies, we will look at several solos. We will analyze the material, learn it and feel the inspiration that new licks can bring - but MOST IMPORTANTLY, we will look at the best ways to apply everything we learn to our own playing.

Who you are
This class is for Intermediate guitar players. You can be a beginner at improvising and still be good to take this class. You'll need some basic guitar ability so you can play the scales and licks we will learn.
What to bring
Guitar. Metronome. Notepad or device.
4.9 (13 reviews)
Magdalena Salska
September 2022

This class was really great. Quist showed us a lot of practice routines, which is extremely useful. He showed us in detail how to improvise on both major and minor blues. Now that this class is over I still have so many things to practice for the next weeks and months! Thanks so much Quist!

Doug Berman
September 2022

This course is an amazing road map to improve your playing, taught by a guy who combines theory, skills, and taste -- and addresses all three. If you're looking to build a foundation for better playing, this course shows you how to start doing that. I can't recommend Quist and this course highly enough. It gave me enough to work on for a long time, and also made me better immediately.

Stefan McDaniel
September 2022

Awesome to spend time on a personal level with such a talent as Quist. Wow!

Ken Becker
September 2022

Love quist, super insightful.

Tom Green
November 2021

First and foremost, listening and watching Quist play guitar is inspirational. Second, Quist is excellent at providing motivation to practice. If you practice what is taught you will learn and your guitar playing will improve. Third, he has an effective way of modeling guitar techniques and skills. He provides expert instruction, starting from fundamentals and working toward applying what is taught to playing songs. You will need a metronome and a looper. My family, friends, and bandmates commented that my guitar playing, timing, and phrasing all improved.

Radoslav (Rado) Penov
November 2021

It was amazing class. Quist provide an exemptional training with very nice examples and practice advises.

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