String Theory Part 1 - Triads

Group guitar class taught by Molly Miller

9 lessons · 1 hour per week · intermediate

Understanding the fretboard can be overwhelming. It is a web that is not easy to navigate. In this class we will use triads to view the neck and then apply this knowledge to make music - comping, soloing, and chord melodies. Join me in this weekly class to start unlocking the fretboard.

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Taught by Molly Miller
Teaching on Til since 2021

4.99 · 359 students · 109 lessons

I am a lover of guitar. I have been playing since I was 7 - I grew up playing with my 4 siblings. I studied at USC, where I received my Doctorate in Guitar Performance and now am a professor. I play constantly- touring with artists such as Jason Mraz, Molly Miller Trio, and all over the internet!
What you'll do

Triads Part 1

- Seeing the fretboard - Major and Minor triads on the first string set - Connect the shapes to knowledge you already know

Application Part 1- Comping Using Triads

- Use major and minor triads to play rhythm guitar - Expand your playing from just barre chords and open chords - These can be used in many genres- they are not just for pop, soul, or funk- but for every genre

Chord Melodies

- Use triads to play melodies - This is a great way to see how you can solo as well using triads - This is also a great place to get a grasp on chord melodies with more advanced voicings

Connecting Chords

- Let's stop jumping around the guitar neck and instead move using voice leading - Play chords more musically - We should be able to play any chord without jumping around the guitar

Who you are
Intermediate - you should have a basic understanding of the guitar: open chords, barre chords, and basic theory.
What to bring
5.0 (18 reviews)
Liza Law
December 2022

That was a great class. So much material to keep my attached and retaining it and in a way that it is just simple but endless. Something just clicked... I loved the brain talk side note because it was the theme of my week for sure! Everything I endeavor to do or learn was exactly about that. So a sun shining 7 foot third inversion thank you for that. And now I have my attachment to the material and will never forget. Haha

Jake Kerby
December 2022

Molly is the best! I highly recommend this course. I have progressed so much in such a short time. Thanks for the great content and looking forward to the next one!

Dan MacLean
December 2022

This is a great course. It's really focussed and pragmatic. I really enjoyed the development from intro to triads, through to understanding how to use them in daily playing. Of most help was Molly's in class guidance on visualisation that helps the initially opaque forms stick in the mind and combine with knowledge I already had. Molly is a very skilled teacher who develops the in class time to fit the group really well.

Ben Beauchamp
December 2022

Great class! Molly excels at simplifying concepts. She gives solid exercises to practice the material and includes musical applications from the first class.

Paul Pultorak
March 2022

As a thesis learning triads is an ideal way to familiarize yourself with the fretboard, and delve into cords and scales, as well as guitar technique and melody. As a teacher Molly is down to earth, attentive to each students needs, and has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes each class something to really look forward too.

Christian Sbaraglia
March 2022

Awesome information. Very useful exercises and feedback. Molly was super responsive and insightful when giving answers. I would highly recommend the course. Really helped me see the link between Triads and caged system and it’s application to songs/song construction.

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