String Theory 2 - Melody Making
5.0 (14)

This class will dig into making melodies utilizing triads, scales, and chords. Guitarists get stuck playing fills and chords versus melodies that draw people in. We will investigate how to make melodies, comp (play rhythm) and solo using triads, pentatonic scales, and other color tones. At the end of this class, you will be a stronger improvisor and rhythm guitar player. We will look at how to do more with the chords you know and more with the scales you know.

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Molly Miller
On TIL since 2021
I am a lover of guitar. I have been playing since I was 7 - I grew up playing with my 4 siblings. I studied at USC, where I received my Doctorate in Guitar Performance and now am a professor. I play constantly- touring with artists such as Jason Mraz and my own trio, playing in LA, and sessions.
What you'll do
Pentatonic Scales - Let's Go Deeper!
We will spend a few weeks exploring how to unlock the pentatonic scale into more! This means investigating how to use it in a macro and micro manner: both in one key center and addressing every chord that passes. Let's dive into how to make our guitars sing and not just play licks.
Macro Vs. Micro Soloing
When it comes to soloing, there are countless approaches. We will dig into how to solo in a macro way (one scale for lots of chords) and the micro (every chord gets a scale!)
But HOW Do I Solo?
Soloing can be weird and aimless. We can so easily just meander. Where do we start? Let's uncover multiple approaches, so we can have many options on HOW to solo. You don't need to know 100 scales to do this either. We will investigate other solos in order to help develop our own as well.
We will continue on our triad journey, mastering the triads on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string set.
Who you are
In order to take this course, you should have a basic understanding of the pentatonic scale in multiple positions, barre chords, open chords, and major/ minor triads on the first string set.
What to bring
Guitar Amp (if you are on electric) Some time throughout the week to dig in and make music!
5.0 (14 reviews)
Dan MacLean
March 2023

This was a really cool and informative class. Across both 'String Theory' courses Molly had a great way of structuring a manageable journey up a steep learning curve. The delivery is great and Molly is an engaging and responsive teacher. The courses have given me a real sense of how to really use my guitar to make music and contribute to jams and not just play notes by rote.

Joseph de la Plante
March 2023

Molly is a great teacher!

Pete Gardner
February 2023

Molly takes time to show the concepts, regularly stops for any questions and makes it a lot of fun. Full of energy and great at getting the ideas across, also backing it up with great knowledge and explaining why it's good to learn the things we study, which so many courses miss. I can really recommend this course.

Matt Howells
March 2022

Great class, Molly does a really good job breaking down the CAGED system into triad groupings and scales, which makes the material much more digestible. Definitely recommended!

Alex Windsor
March 2022

Molly is the best guitar teacher I’ve ever had! Very fun class!

Christian Sbaraglia
March 2022

Exceptional material and the teaching was exceptional. Really listened and tried to help each student based on where they are in guitar technique/knowledge. Absolutely worth the time and money. Thank you Molly!

Richard Kok
March 2022

I would like to thank Dr. Molly Miller for her time and knowledge on the guitar and in music theory. She is a great guitar player and her lessons have opened up my mind to the guitar neck by understanding triads and how to use them on different string sets when soloing. And though, I didn't have formal musical training before this class, I was able to follow along in real-time and I learned so much. At times felt so in sync with Dr. Miller that she was answering my questions that I had in my head without even asking. Thank you Dr. Molly Miller and I am very grateful for you.

Brett Callaway
March 2022

Dr. Molly Miller is a Jedi master guitar teacher. Makes complicated concepts easy to understand.

Philippe Guay
March 2022

Molly is a fantastic teacher! She breaks down ideas and concepts in ways that are easy to understand and apply immediately in your playing. This class in particular helped me integrate bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and it's practical use in soloing. I feel I'm definitely better equipped now to reach some of my short-term soloing goals.

Nick Zyromski
March 2022

Great class! Molly's enthusiasm is contagious! She has a gift for breaking down complex concepts and making them accessible.

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