Chord Melody 2

We will build upon our knowledge from Chord Melody 1. We will continue to discuss key elements in creating compelling arrangements such as touch, feel, chord voicings, ranges of the guitar, and tone, while bringing in new topics such as reharmonization and counterpoint. In this class we will study arrangements from both the popular and jazz realm.

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Molly Miller
On TIL since 2021
I am a lover of guitar. I have been playing since I was 7 - I grew up playing with my 4 siblings. I studied at USC, where I received my Doctorate in Guitar Performance and now am a professor. I play constantly- touring with artists such as Jason Mraz and my own trio, playing in LA, and sessions.
What you'll do
While there are many ways to reharmonize, we will look at some key ways to do this in a compelling way.
Chord Voicings
This is an endless well of joy. There are so many ways to play a chord. We will look at a fews ways to make a decision and ways to open up your chord voicing knowledge. Triads? Seventh chords? Open chords? Spread voicings? So many options - let's dig in!
Bass Movement
Bass movement is something that adds so much to a chord melody and is often overlooked. Let's uncover how this can be utilized as pass chords, embellshments, to add movement, and how it can dictate what voicing you choose.
One of the most important things to uncover. Tone is key. Let's discuss how to get a good tone and options for guitar effects pedals.
Building An Arrangement
There are so many ways to approach this. Let's dig into how to build an arrangement from nothing. Chords, timing, archs, story telling. Oh joy!
Who you are
You should be a very strong intermediate to advanced student. If you just know barre chords and open chords, I would recommend taking String Theory 1 and 2 as well as Chord Melody 1 before this class.
What to bring
Guitar - if you are electric have an amp handy! If you have pedals, let's try those.
Started Wednesday 
May 24