The Beginner Guitarist's Corner

In these weekly jams we'll focus on the topics and skills to develop your guitar playing at the beginning stages. This will be a great outlet for those who have recently picked up a guitar and maybe have a few chords, rhythms, and/or scales under their belt. We will spend time covering the CAGED system and its utility in understanding the layout of the fretboard. We will also develop basic rhythms and strumming patterns that are common within pop and contemporary music. The goal here is to better understand the instrument as it relates to the songs and licks you may have already learned and/or those you will learn in the future.

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Mike Salow
On TIL since 2022
Mike Salow is an American guitarist, songwriter, and music educator from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He's spent his entire career sharing with others, what he's learned about music and guitar. Most notably as a teacher at McNally Smith College of Music and through his short lessons via Instagram.
What you'll do
Chords: Barre Chords and Common Strumming Patterns
We'll learn all of our open chords, power chords, and basic barre chords. At the same time we'll use these chords to learn strumming patterns and chord progressions.
Basic Soloing and Phrasing
We'll learn some basic scale shapes and how to use them within soloing and playing melodies. We'll also learn some basic phrasing techniques like slides, bends, and vibrato.
Who you are
Knowing some or all of your open chords will be helpful. Also, knowing how to play at least 1 or 2 songs will help. This is not a true beginners Jam but rather for those who picked up the guitar within the last year or so.
What to bring
Guitar and your curiosity.

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