7 Techniques in 7 Days

Group guitar class taught by Mike Salow

1 hour per week · intermediate

5.0 (2 reviews)

In this course we will break down and learn 7 important techniques for building your soloing chops in any style. We'll cover 1 technique per day and each session will run 1 to 1.5 hours. You'll get PDFs of all the licks, scales, arpeggios, and ideas that we cover in this course. Day 1: Legato Day 2: Alternate Picking Day 3: Economy Picking (directional picking) Day 4: Sweep Picking Day 5: Tapping Day 6: Hybrid Picking (chick'n pick'n) Day 7: Phrasing (bends, vibrato, slides, etc...)

What's included

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Taught by Mike Salow
Teaching on Til since 2022

5.00 · 25 students

Mike Salow is an American guitarist, songwriter, and music educator from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He's spent his entire career sharing with others, what he's learned about music and guitar. Most notably as a teacher at McNally Smith College of Music and through his short lessons via Instagram.
What you'll do

Legato | Day 1

Legato (hammer ons & pull offs) is 1 of the easiest techniques to develop and use in any style of soloing. We'll go beyond just simple hammer ons & pull offs and dive deep into ways to develop smooth legato lines and sequences similar to the likes of Jason Becker, Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, and many more.

Alternate Picking | Day 2

Alternate picking is one of the most fundamental techniques whether you're playing rhythm or lead. During this class session we'll talk about right hand and pick placement to help optimize your picking. We'll also dive deep into building picking speed similar to the likes of John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, and many more!

Economy Picking | Day 3

Economy (directional) picking is the juxtaposition of 2 techniques; Alternate picking and sweep picking. Although we use mostly alternate picking when economy picking we utilize the natural direction we are headed at any given moment to help ease the tension that might happen with strict alternate picking. When I think of economy picking I think Frank Gambale and many other greats!

Sweep Picking | Day 4

Sweep picking is one of the most sought after techniques for those who want to shred! We'll talk about all of the applications of sweep picking (not just limited to shredding) and all of the various common patterns and arpeggio shapes. For those new to the technique we'll start the class with a break down of the technique.

Tapping | Day 5

Right up there with sweep picking, tapping is another sought after technique that shredders want to master. during this class session we'll discuss not only how to create smooth and connected tapping lines but we'll also cover how tapping can work hand in hand with legato and sweep picking licks you've already learned. You'll also see how tapping can help broaden your fretboard visualization..

Hybrid Picking | Day 6

Often referred to as "chick'n pick'n", hybrid picking is the act of using pick and fingers simultaneously or back to back. Hybrid picking is a massive part of my playing style and has helped me develop unique ways of approaching various licks and music phrases. We'll learn the fundamentals of this technique and how to apply throughout your playing.

Phrasing | Day 7

Arguably the most important technique we'll be discussing is phrasing. This is where we learn how to make our instrument sound as musical as possible. If you can master the art of musical phrasing you will come off to your listeners (and fellow musicians) as a competent, experienced musician regardless of being able to show off any flashy fast licks.

Who you are
Since we will be spending 1 day on each technique there will be a lot of information coming your way. It's important that you already have an understanding of the fundamentals of the guitar. Having at least a couple years under your belt and some experience with soloing will help greatly in this course. True intermediate players will learn a whole lot and find the material challenging. Advanced students will learn a lot and find some of the material challenging. Professional level players will have a whole lot of fun exploring new/varying ideas from another professional.
What to bring
A positive attitude and eagerness to learn.
5.0 (2 reviews)
January 2023

Mike has taught me a lot of different techniques in a short period of time. He provides tabs, guitar pro files, and video recordings so I can go back and study again while practicing on my own.

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