Learning Guitar The Intuitive Way

Do you want to know how music and guitar playing really works? Want to finally crack the code? I'm going to show you that it's actually quite simple. We just need to understand the basic system which governs all music. In this class you won't be bombarded by a bunch of tabs and charts - I'm going to teach you WHY you're playing what you're playing. This is the crucial difference. From there on you will be at liberty to play whatever you hear and can imagine and this is the foundation on which you can build your skills in any direction you want. I'll guide you through my process of learning any song by ear and in this way we'll discover all we need to know about the musical system and how to harness its power. We'll cover various topics along the way!

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Lyle Moxsom
On TIL since 2022
Hi all! I'm a musician from London who's been playing guitar for 20 years and teaching for about 7. I take a first principle approach to the guitar, meaning I don't let tradition get in the way of effective learning. I see music as an elegant, logical system and I want to help you to see that too!
What you'll do
Chords are the bedrock of our job as guitarists. As a rhythm guitar player you'll need to have a strong grasp of harmony in order to effectively 'set the scene' for the top line elements. I'll show you how to build chords from the ground up, adding extensions where desired in order to 'colour' the sound. Eventually you'll be able to express a virtually limitless number of voicings for each chord.
Our next most important job as guitarists is to express melody. This means being well acquainted with the diatonic scale and it's children scales (pentatonic, modes). We'll learn to strengthen our relationship with the notes in order to 'play like a singer sings'.
Fretboard awareness
To play the right notes, you need to know where to find them! It's crucial for us to see the 'picture' laid out on the fretboard and the CAGED system is the way we'll get there.
Who you are
You should not be an absolute beginner. Having said that, my approach to teaching might be new to you so come ready to challenge your previous habits. You should have learnt some chords and generally messed around.
What to bring
Your guitar and an open mind!

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