Hip Hop Production & Loopmaking

Each week you'll learn how to become better at making beats and melodies. Get a deep look into how I make melodies, drums, mix, and layout music all from scratch. We'll go over multiple genres from Trap, RnB, Drill, Pain, Rage, and anything you guys want to learn to make! Can't wait to meet you.

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On TIL since 2022
I'm an 18 year old music producer from Hawaii who's been producing for the past 5 years, and teaching the past 2 years. My goal here is to connect with you, guide you to making better music, collaborate & create, and get you farther in your music career!
What you'll do
Creating Melodies
Learn the most fundamental part of music production which is creating melodies. I'll teach you what sounds to use, basic chord structures, layering melodies, VSTs to use, loop-making and much more. You'll learn the key steps I personally use to making any melody from scratch.
Drums & Beats
Learn how to make a perfect drum pattern for any of your beats. I'll teach you what drum sounds and style to use, leveling and mixing, spacing, different types of bounce, and how to overall get a drum pattern that matches hand in hand with your melodies and style of beat.
Learn how to efficiently layout your beats and loops for all genres. Learn when to use breakdowns, melody & drum switch-ups, FX, and other effects to make your beats & loops unique.
Get to collaborate with me and others in the class! We'll make beats, loops, & collaborate together live! I'll be sending out both loops and melodies out to various artists, engineers, and producers for a chance to get placements.
Who you are
You should have a basic understanding of how your DAW works and how to use it.
What to bring
Your DAW, headphones, and a notebook an open mind!

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