Mastering the Fretboard on Guitar

Group guitar class taught by Kaspar Jalily

75 minutes per week · intermediate


Learn how to visualize and practice the fretboard in a musical way to develop your ear to hand connection.

What's included

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Taught by Kaspar Jalily
Teaching on Til since 2022

3 students · 6 lessons

Hello, I'm Kaspar, a session Guitarist/Arranger/Producer from Paris, France. I'm excited to share with you everything I learned from touring the world, spending hours in recording studios making songs, preparing live shows from the technical to the musical side and much more. See you soon!
What you'll do

Chords and the Number System

How I use the number system and why it's my favorite to use on the guitar's interface. This is the foundation of the visualizing system I use on guitar.


The most commonly used musical device, often limited to a few formulas and zones on guitar, let's map it all over the neck and discuss how we can make it musical, connect it to various musical scenarios.


Modes are often talked about but often misunderstood, I will explain in a very simple way the place and equivalence of all the 7 modes and how you can be musical with them.


To make sure we understood everything, we will combine all previous 3 topics in a practical way, exercice style to make sure the muscle memory and all the concepts are understood

Who you are
This class is opened to all levels but you should have a basic understanding of music theory (major, minor scale and intervals).
What to bring
You should bring your guitar and be able to take notes if needed, make sure to prepare any questions you may have as well so I can answer them!

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