Jazz Guitar Line Construction

We will cover my method to construct lines that describe chord changes. The material will include notation and tablature for all the concepts we discuss each lesson. The goal is that by the end of the course you can make your own etudes over most standard progressions. Gain the confidence to play over any set of changes!

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Juan Munguia
On TIL since 2022
I am a jazz musician that loves to share the knowledge I've acquired playing and taking lessons from the best in NYC, LA & Mexico City. My main focus is teaching line construction on the guitar and how to navigate the many possibilities and limitations the instrument offers!
What you'll do
Bebop Scales and Passing Tones
We will discuss how to use the main bebop scales, why they were created and how you can use passing tones to make your own versions as needed.
Enclosures and Chromatic Approaches
We will take a simple triad and turn it upside down with the many formulas that can be applied over every chord tone. This is on of the most important aspects of using chromaticism.
Arpeggio Superimposition
First we will harmonize a couple of scales and discuss the many ways to use these arpeggios to extract the color notes of a specific tonality or mode and then we will talk about fingerings and how to effectively spice up your lines with these arpeggios.
The Diminished Scale
We will cover in depth the ins and outs of the diminished scale, when to use it over minor chords, major chords, dominant chords, common and useful patterns and how to create your own lines with this collection of notes.
3NPS Pentatonic
We will check out my favorite way of playing angular sounds. The pentatonic scale viewed through the lenses of a horn or piano player but with the idiosyncrasies of the guitar in mind.
Syntethic Harmony Lines
We will discuss new sounds for every common chord quality and how to easily come up with your own lines and your very own sounds over any chord.
Coltrane Changes
We will discuss various strategies over how to create smooth lines over Coltrane changes.
Rhythm Templates
We will discuss the most important aspect of making lines, rhythm! I'll show how to start thinking on the rhythm of the line first to make your improvisations flow and have a sense of forward motion.
Who you are
You should have basic knowledge about scales, arpeggios and basic harmony. Most of the subjects discussed every week will need much more time to master so even if some stuff seems a bit advanced you will get a lot of useful information and applications for whatever level you are currently!
What to bring
Bring your guitar and an open mind!

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