Rhythm Guitar for Accompaniment
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In this class I will teach you: - How to play with good rhythm, time and feel within different musical styles - Useful Right (Strumming/Picking) Hand Playing Techniques - Chord Voicings - Insights on accompanying yourself and others - Chord Melody Arranging for Guitar - Basic/Intermediate Music Theory - Developing Confidence and Self-Belief when playing! - How to Sing/Talk/Smile and Play Guitar at the same time! - How to have fun with music! I will use playing examples from videos I have made on my social media as well as field questions about your own playing. Most importantly it will be about having fun and bringing joy. Class will be conducted in an open-discussion masterclass format so, please come with any and all questions! Have a Great Day!! Joshua

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Joshua Starkman
On TIL since 2021
I'm a New Orleans based guitarist who wants to add a little music and positivity to your life. Lessons with me will not only focus on learning technique but will emphasize the importance of having fun when making music, wether by yourself or with others. Have a Great Day! 😁
What you'll do
Chord Voicings, Chord Progressions and Harmony
Looking to spice up your chord voicings beyond the basic first position chords?Want to expand your fretboard chord knowledge? My lessons will improve your harmonic ability on guitar!
Rhythm, Feels, Right Hand Technique
Fancy Chords don't matter without rhythm! In our lessons we will learn about solidifying your rhythmic feel, along with learning about different Rhythms, Feels and Right Hand Techniques.
How to Create Chord Melody for Guitar!
Want to be able to play the chord and top melody note of any song simultaneously? I will show you my approach to crafting chord melody arrangements for jazz standards, pop songs- any song!
Scales, Soloing, Transcribing and Improvisation!
Let's dive into developing your single note and soloing ideas in a song! This improvisational approach will expand your fretboard knowledge- connecting what you hear to the guitar
Playing With Others!
Music is something people do TOGETHER! Here I will give personal insight on important tools that allow you to easily perform with others, collaborate creatively and most importantly enjoy performing!
Believe in Yourself and Others!
What we believe about ourselves and the world we live in are a big influence on how we express ourselves. Let's get out of our heads and into the music with healthy discussion on the topic!
Who you are
This class is aimed at beginner to intermediate guitarists with a basic understanding of first position chords and even a little understanding of scales. Preferred student age 13 and up!
What to bring
Bring your guitar and paper/pencil to write down any ideas! Also bring a question to each class that pertains to your playing/what you have been practicing!
4.5 (2 reviews)
Lydia Jackson
January 2022

Excellent musician, instructo and all around human. Class was always, fun, interest and informative and helped me develop skills and diversify my styles! Definitely would and probably will take his class again.

Julie Pfeffer
December 2021

Josh is an entertaining and fun teacher, and gave me some good insight on right-hand technique and new ways to form chords. He did his best trying to teach a group of students with different levels of expertise. He was very open to working in topics and songs that students suggested, and always ready to answer questions on pretty much any subject of technique. I would have liked a little more structure/preparation for the lessons, but this was his first time teaching in this format, so I’m willing to excuse that!

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