Learn to Play Guitar By Ear
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This intermediate Guitar course is designed to give you the tools to be able to hear your way through any song. By developing your ear along with the understanding of music theory and fretboard knowledge of the guitar, you can easily pick up any tune that you wish to learn! In this 8 week course I will use popular song examples to show you how to identify not just the key and chords of a song but also give you insight on how all the chords are working together. I will help you make sense of it all! In this course you will: -Develop your Ear's Ability to hear chords and chord relationships -Expand your fretboard knowledge through scales and chord shapes -Learn various rhythmic styles for guitar related to song examples -Learn the relationship between chords and scales -Expand your knowledge of music theory as it related to the guitar -Smile and have fun! Hope to see you there! Have A Great Day!! :)

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Joshua Starkman
On TIL since 2021
I'm a New Orleans based guitarist who wants to add a little music and positivity to your life. Lessons with me will not only focus on learning technique but will emphasize the importance of having fun when making music, wether by yourself or with others. Have a Great Day! 😁
What you'll do
Developing Your Ear
A little ear training goes a long way! I will show you how to first identify the key of the song and find it on guitar. Then we will learn how to identify chord movement and chord qualities.
Rhythmic Accompaniment
We will learn various styles of playing rhythmically on the guitar, specifically with the right hand (or left if you're left handed). This will be accomplished through popular song examples that will be the focus of each week.
Expanding Fretboard Knowledge
By learning scales, arpeggios and chords we will be able to expand our vision of the fretboard, making it easier to pick up any song quickly!
Chord Scale Relationships
Chords and Scales have a vital relationship! By understanding how chords and scales work together and are essentially derived from each other, you will have a deeper understanding of how Chord Progressions work!
Who you are
This is an Intermediate level course. A basic knowledge or familiarity of first position chord shapes (like C major, D major, E major, Eminor, etc.) and barre chords will be needed.
What to bring
Bring along your guitar and a pen and paper, tablet or your phone to take notes! Additionally, I will provide tablature/musical notation and chord charts of the musical examples!
5.0 (1 reviews)
Nick Wilson
April 2022

Joshua is a great teacher. His classes are fun and he really helped with my knowledge of the fretboard and chord progressions up and down the neck. Looking forward to his next lessons!

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