Intervalic Pentatonics

Group guitar class taught by Jimena Fosado

4 lessons · 1 hour per week · intermediate


LEVEL UP YOUR PENTATONIC! Combine interesting note choices, sound melodic, and add shredding to your playing. You'll understand how to navigate the fretboard outside the conventional patterns.

What's included

Video chat lessons

Learn and ask questions with Jimena Fosado every week.

Lesson replays

Unlimited access to recordings from class.

Private community

Practice with people who share your love of guitar.

Taught by Jimena Fosado
Teaching on Til since 2024

Worldwide touring and session guitarist. I've played with Steve Vai, Gilby Clark(Guns N Roses) Dave Evans(AC/DC), The Iron Maidens, Grammy winners, Awards shows, FOX SPORTS, 7 time winner musical theater Jesus Christ Superstar, Disney+ and more! I'll teach you to think outside the box and shred!
What you'll do

Chord relation to scales

Chords are important to understand harmony and create the sounds you hear in your head. This will make easier to identify sounds and advanced interval sequences.

Arpeggios and extensions

Arpeggios are highlighting the notes of a chord one note at a time. You'll understand how to use them and connect them on the fretboard.

Sequenced Patterns

Taking a bit of the information covered on the previous topics, you'll create your own phrasing using intervalic jumps

Playing in context

Here you will be able to apply the concepts and demonstrate your own approach soloing.

Who you are
You should be able to know your scale patterns, either pentatonic, CAGED or 3 notes per string as well as the 7 chords of a scale.
What to bring
Your guitar!

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