Chord Vocabulary for Guitarists (Level 1)
5.0 (5)

Advance your approach to the neck with this 4 week course. For intermediate players looking to advance their skill, we'll be learning Spread Voicings, Triads, Drop Two Chords, how to use diminished passing chords, and more! Excited to help all of you craft your own beautiful guitar pieces.

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Jake Fine
On TIL since 2022
Hey everyone! My name is Jake Fine, and I'm a producer, guitarist, and songwriter who's super passionate about creating beautiful pieces of music. My playing is inspired by soul, pop, rock, fusion, folk and more!
What you'll do
The Number System
- How to organize chord progressions on guitar - Review 7th chords on the neck - Major Mode: What does it mean to borrow from a different mode?
Spread Voicings
- What is a spread voicing? Why is it so pleasing to the ear? - Inversions and how to bridge chords with spread voicing - Building a major chord scale with spread voicings
- A full break down of Major and Minor Triads -Triad inversions - How to use them while writing to create variation
Drop Two Chords
- What is a drop two chord? - Major drop two chords - Inversions and uses
Who you are
This is a class that truly fits the term "intermediate". If you are familiar with the guitar but want to know how to start sounding more fluent on the instrument, this is for you.
What to bring
Your guitar!
5.0 (5 reviews)
Parfait .
June 2022

As a music producer and a beginner guitarist, I really enjoyed this workshop and the understanding it gave me around building chords, familiarizing myself with inversions and more. Thanks Jake !

Billy S
April 2022

This class was a perfect fit for me. It was refreshing to find an intermediate class that focused on harmony and voice leading rather than just a speed drilling class. I really enjoyed working through different keys, getting Jake's examples of substitutions and inversions to spice up simple chord progressions. It was also nice to have the opportunity to chat live and ask questions to clarify things in real time.

jason ackerman
April 2022

Great class. Very clear content, good reference material and very well Taught.

Georgia V.
April 2022

This course blew my mind, I can now see chords all over the place. Jake is a totally awesome teacher - best teacher I have ever come across. The lessons were really well paced and clearly explained and discussed, making a lot of information easily digestible, and fun. Thanks Jake!

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