Production & Sound Design for Bassheads

You are a basshead producing bassheavy music but your basses always sound muffled and weak? Also do you struggle with sequencing your basses to have a good flow with all the synths and other sounds to make a full and strong track? In this course I am going to teach you how to produce strong tracks that every label wants to hear!

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Dan Larsson
On TIL since 2022
I'm Dan Larsson, owner and founder of Letsynthesize, a place for all bass heavy music-lovers to learn sound design and music production.
What you'll do
Sound Design
Or recording in other words. Distortion, FM, Filtering, Compression whatever needs to make a great a sound is step zero. You won't be able to mix a bad recording.
EDM is not a complicated genre but it can be tricky sometimes to build tense for a buildup or make your drop hit hard. There are always some tricks that help!
Song Feedback
Having an extra pair of ears can help a lot improving your track so don't hesitate! I am glad to help!
I'm gonna pimp up your track
Send me your project and next time I'll try to improve it! This is a great way to learn!
Mix, Master
Although I truly believe that making clean and strong sounds is the main thing for a strong mix down, there are always some tricks that can help making your track sound better.
Whatever YOU want!
The best part is that these sessions are very interactive so we can talk about anything really!
Who you are
This class is live and fully interactive, designed based on the most requested topics that I receive from you guys so you can become a better bass producer. I can't deny myself so it will cover more advanced things too!
What to bring
I am going to use Ableton Live 11, Serum and PhasePlant! You can use any DAW you'd like.

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