Guitar for Beginners

Group guitar class taught by Chas Evans

10 lessons · 1 hour per week · beginner


Did you just get your first guitar or do you struggle playing the basics? Get ready to dive into playing right away with a teaching method I've developed in my 30+ years of teaching! Using this method I've been able to help thousands of guitarists all over the world! In this class, we will cover the foundations of guitar to include Chords, Strumming, Fingerstyle and Soloing Basics! After this class, you will be ready to take the guitar in any direction you want to go! Join me and let's get picking!

What's included

Video chat lessons

Learn and ask questions with Chas Evans every week.

Lesson replays

Unlimited access to recordings from class.

Private community

Practice with people who share your love of guitar.

Taught by Chas Evans
Teaching on Til since 2023

Chas Evans is a guitar teacher on social media with over 30 years of experience specializing in beginners! Chas is an award winning guitarist and songwriter with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Guitar Performance.
What you'll do

Guitar Basics and Chords: The foundation of guitar!

Chords are an extremely important part of guitar playing. We will explore basic chords and perhaps more importantly, chord movement. How to move between chords. These are the fundamentals of guitar!

Strumming: Let's get the rhythm!

The guitar, originally being a percussive instrument, is full of rhythm. Have you heard of rhythm guitar??? This is where we put our chords into motion and really dive into feeling the rhythm!

Fingerstyle Basics!

We will learn to play with a pick but another primary way to enjoy the guitar is through beautiful fingerstyle. I'll teach you the techniques you need to master songs like "Dust In The Wind" and "Landslide" all while having fun!

Intro to Soloing: The Pentatonic Scale!

As opposed to rhythm guitar, there are lead guitar players! We will dive into the basics of learning a simple solo all the way up to improvising your own.

Who you are
This course is for the complete beginner or someone who struggles with basic guitar concepts.
What to bring
You will need a guitar, pick, tuner, and a capo!

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