Speed and Alternate Picking

Alternate picking & speed; right & left hand technique, exercises, theory thereof, and application of these concepts will be our focus for this lesson. Playing faster and more accurate- ultimately gaining control. How to practice, frequency and integration of the metronome.

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Brandon Paul
On TIL since 2022
My name is Brandon Paul and I am a long time guitarist/singer/guitar teacher/live touring performer. I love nothing more than to express my passion through the power of music! I am dedicated to help you achieve your musical goals on the guitar! Let's get it!
What you'll do
Speed Picking & Accuracy
Multiple exercises focusing on speed & accuracy. Synchronizing the left and right hand properly. Concepts behind playing faster and execution of them.
Right hand picking technique
Emphasizing the best ways (IMO) to pick and produce the strongest sounds to the human ear. Integrating great technique with the right hand and much more.
How to practice effectively
Learning and engraining great practice habits; so you can truly make the best of your time.
We will be incorporating the metronome into this class to significantly help our progress as well as timing. Playing to a "click" is extremely valuable and should never be undermined or underused!
Who you are
Beginner & intermediate focused. Advanced players can also most certainly learn from this course, but the focus will be more-so on the other 2 levels. Ages 10 and up, and being in tune on your guitar is all that's required ahead of time!
What to bring
Electric guitar, plugged into amplifier of some kind, notepad and pen (optional), guitar pick.

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