The Art of Improvisation

Improvisation has always been one of my passions in music and most of my favorite guitarists were also great improvisers: Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Dave Murray, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, Malmsteen, the list goes on. I find the mystery, surprise and uniqueness of improvisation an amusing element in guitar playing. Mastering improvisation also means: *FREEDOM and FLOW *Improvising is building a bridge between your inner self, your ideas and your hands. *The more you work on it, the more you learn how to express yourself on the spot and give your feelings life right there, in the moment. For lots of my fellow guitarists, this subject is somewhat a point of insecurity or weakness, and along my journey as a guitar coach, I've helped many people to find this so-called FREEDOM in the instrument. Yes, there is no end to music theory and what not but let me tell you this: there is a science behind improvising. In these weekly 8 lessons (1 hour - 2 hours long) we'll talk about the 2 aspects of improvisation: Creativity and technique/theory. Every session I'll divide the lesson half into each subject. I'll leave you with backing tracks an homeworks after the mastercalss, and I'm going to give feedback to each one of your videos! I'll walk you through my mindset, from improvising with the simplest ideas over 1 chord, to more intricated phrasing over chord changes.

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Luís Kalil
On TIL since 2023
Luís is a 23-year-old Heavy Metal/Hard Rock guitarist from Brazil, based in LA. Currently the lead guitarist for Red Devil Vortex, during his young career, Kalil has many achievements under his belt, such as Guitar World appearances, magazine covers, and performances and awards around the world.
What you'll do
Learn to come up, identify and develop ideas
Ideas is the core of a good and sustainable improvised moment.
The Theory Behind
Where going to talk about figuring out the key of a song, how to map out notes on the fretoboard, triads and basic concepts that will get you started in dominating theory when improvising.
Flow & Swing
Giving your ideas flow Play in time, learn if you’re dragging or rushing. Learn how to use the metronome as your best friend.
Solo Writing
How to create something with a beginning, middle and end.
Improvising Over Chord Changes
Very important to know how the different chords relate to each other, map out their chord tones in common, etc.
Bend and Vibrato - THE ESSENTIALS The pillars of technique in lead guitar playing A guide for you to practice technique every day and boost your result.
Learn the sound and chords corresponding to each mode. The key is in the intentions and not in shapes.
Finding Your Voice On Guitar
Tips to come up with character and originality.
Who you are
You don't have to be an advanced player to understand what I'm going to approach here. Actually, one of the biggest concepts of improv is taking simple ideas and developing it in a very interesting way, messing with rhythm, melody and harmony.
What to bring
Your guitar, notebook to take notes and headphones.

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